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Is it legal for middle school cheerleaders to practice from 4 til 7 at night?
I am a middle school cheerleader, my coach is scheduling practice from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. We have school all day then we have practice. By the time im home it 11:00 before io can get in bed due to food,shower,homework. Is this legal?
I'm not going to go on and on about my tough schedule like the rest of the people here. The answer to your question is, yes, it's perfectly legal.
Middle school cheerleaders at football halftime?
When middle school cheerleaders do their cheer or dance at halftime are they supposed to face their crowd or the other teams crowd? At our first game we faced our own and then a mother mentioned we should face the other way? Which is right?
Historically you are suppose to face the press box side, but I would always face your own team. The press box is almost always on the home side anyways. Who cares about the opposing side.
What are good thrity second songs for a halftime routine for middle school cheerleaders?
I am in seventh grade and our cheer team at school gets to make up our own half time routine! Yay! But the coaches say it has to be thrity seconds... what songs are thirty seconds?!? Can someone please help me? (oh yeah and we can't do stunts... I don't know!)
down by jay sean just edited down to 30 sec
What are some good cheerleading stunts for middle school cheerleaders?
Compition is in june and im trying to come up with some stunts for nexts compition. This year we did kinda bad so we wanna do our best. Videos and links are freat aslo to anwser this questions pleasee and thanksss ;)Cheers would be great alsoo for bobcats :)
I would say that Libs would be nice but it depends on what level your at with stunting. Also as far as pyrmids go A ball Back would probly be good for them. Some other stunts you might wat to try are Rewinds and fold downs. Good luck:)
What is a really good diet for middle school cheerleaders?
i am in 7th grade, and im looking for a good diet to stick too, i have just a little bit a chubby on me, and with out it, i would have a six pack, and i really want that. it would help me get father in my cheer leading. i want to know how much calories i should be eating, and what i should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. so yeah. please help me. i want to go to Tennessee college on a cheer leading scholarship. please help me! :)
Like GlassDaisy said; modest healthy meals and snacks spread out pretty evenly through the day (hard, I know, if your school frowns on eating any time other than lunch,) drink plenty of water, and watch your junk food intake. You have to be careful because you are still growing and don't want to mess up your metabolism.

What's most important, if you are thinking of cheering in a major college, is to work very hard on your cheer skills. You'll need some serious tumbling and stunting ability, and great jumps and motions too. If you need help practicing any of those things, you can get information on how to do so here: aescougarcheer.com/Cheer101/basic…

Good luck! :^)
Songs to dance to for Middle School Cheerleaders?
Something appropriate please.
Crazy Frog
Now You're Gone
Please Don't Go
All I Ever Wanted
(Look up Basshunter on Youtube)
If you make a remix I would use part of "Kernkraft 400"
Alot of Ke$ha songs are great for dancing, you could use parts of them so that they don't have any innapropriate parts in them!
Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics
Feels So Good by Steven Tyler (which is a very new song)
I would also throw in some Justin Bieber if you use a remix!
Get Me Bodied by Beyonce
Do you think Middle school or High School cheerleaders wear to short skirts on their outfits?
my daughter was to cheer i would like what do you think i am unsure to let her cheer! Do they wear anything under their bloomers? please help thanks!
yes i think they are too short are we letting our girls cheer or strip? but yes they do wear something underneath they are called spankies and they are like boyshorts under wear or BOOTY SHORTS.
My cheerleaders (middle school) are running a can food drive. Any ideas for a cute skit for the morning?
announcement which is broadcasted throughout the whole school via television? They want to grab the attention of their peers and encourage them to help out the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas.
hmmm. . .

Do your girls stunt? If they do, a cute visual would be to have them do a pyramid, and have a goal of getting a "tower of power". . .cans in a pyramid as big as them. The commercial could be them cheering, and then pan down to 3 lonely cans stacked in a pyramid, then have a girl say something like--"help us make this pyramid as big as ours!"

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